dental and medical mobiles web

Services Provided FREE to Adults and Children who do not have health insurance and income disadvantage by Volunteer Health Care Professionals

Medical: General Medicine, NO Physical for employment, DMV or Immigration

Dental: Cleanings, Fillings, Extractions. NO Root Canal or Denture

(We only do one DENTAL service per patient, example only one cleaning or one filling not both)

Acupuncture: Consultation

These services are rendered on a first come first served basis.

Because these services are offered Free of Charge and there may be more of residents in need, we cannot guarantee that you will be seen by volunteer medical staff due to limited by time, space, number of professional volunteers, and supplies.

We start register patients one hour prior the event start. Patients usually line few hours before the event due to high demand in Dental Services with limited number of patients will be treated depend upon number Dentists volunteer for each events.

Depend on how many Providers volunteer on the event, we may stop register patients for certain services before the scheduled time close for the event.

Please be courteous to all medical professionals and volunteers. Medical Professionals and Volunteers do not receive any financial compensation for this event.

Usually our event start from 9AM – 3PM but patient start line up since 7AM, it may be a very long day for you and/or your family, and your comfort is your responsibility. Therefore, we suggest the following: You should bring some food and beverages for lunch. Wear comfortable clothing. It may be cold at early morning so dress warmly. However, based on the weather it could be warm during the day, so layered clothing is encouraged.

This event is a No smoking, No drugs or No alcohol.